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Please note these permissions the App may ask you to approve when you install it on your device. This is perfectly safe, normal, and necessary for your app to work correctly!

As with any app, especially communication apps, our app must interact with your smartphone. There are certain things that the app has to do internally, and that is what it need permission to do.

Here is a list of permissions that the app MIGHT ask for, and what they mean:

Modify, delete and read storage: Gives the app permission to access the storage on your device in order to save and edit files. Most apps will require some kind of access, if only to keep temporary logs on your device.

Find and use accounts on the device: Google, Facebook, Twitter. These accounts are often integral to the way we use our phones, letting us tweet from anywhere or access Gmail from multiple apps. This permission gives an app the ability to tap into these accounts without jumping through hoops to make life more convenient for you.

Full network access: Just like the software on your laptop, most apps require some kind of Internet access, whether it’s for software updates, syncing or retrieving data from online resources.

Phone status and identity: Don’t panic: this doesn’t mean it can listen in on your phone calls. This permission enables apps to recognize when a call comes in and give you the opportunity to answer it, pausing the current app in the background in the meantime.

Prevent phone from sleeping: When your phone or tablet goes into sleep mode, it can interrupt certain processes, such as data being written to the internal storage. This permission enables an app to keep your device ‘awake’ while important system tasks are being carried out; it can also be used by video players, for example, to keep the screen on.

Read and send text messages: Plenty of apps want to replace your phone’s SMS functionality, and this permission can also be used to automatically scan your incoming texts for authorization codes (used where two-step authentication is involved).

Read your contacts: The ability to share content with your friends in some way is often the underlying purpose, though the permission might also be requested so that the app can quickly auto-complete the names of your contacts whenever required.

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